Why do we collect things?


Just over like half the CDs I own

I like to collect things – it’s been something I’ve done for almost as long as I can remember. 

When I was younger I used to collect Pokemon cards, and I mean really collect them. I had [read: have] thousands upon thousands of Pokemon cards in folders stored in my bedroom. I still have as much of a thing for Pokemon now as I did when I was 8. Everything about it now just feels so nostalgic now, especially with Pokemon X and Y coming out soon. Man those games look good…

Anyway, after my Pokemon card collecting died down it quickly switched to Yu-Gi-Oh card collecting, so cool I know. It was all the rage when you were a middle-school kid. After a couple of thousand of those that quickly died down. 
Then I moved on to collecting Guinness Book of World Records too, which was a bit strange now that I think about it. I loved going in old bookstores and finding the really old ones out. 

Then I got round to collecting CDs, and that pretty much hasn’t stopped since then. Apart from an interlude in collect vinyl too, which I don’t have any more room for. 
At any rate, I guess you could say I like to collect things. But I don’t really know why. Why do we collect things? I suppose it gives us a little extra to do with our lives, something else to look forward to, but why do some people get (slightly) obsessed with it?
I guess it makes some people happy, and who doesn’t want to get addicted to that?
I’ve always collected things, except there are two distinct times I remember when I stopped – when I had far better things than collecting to look forward to.
I even collected everything that connected to my last relationship, but that’s because everything has a memory connected to it, and I like memories. They’re for sentimental reasons.
Freud said people collect things because they have unfulfilled sexual desires (what…), but everything he says seems a bit wack, and I’ve been collecting things far before I knew I had sexual desires. It’s just a past time, and something that’s relaxing, I think I collect things because it takes your mind off everything else really. I think everyone at some point might collect something – even if it’s just something like all the texts someone sent you. Collecting fills a desire that we get along the way to other things that we haven’t quite met yet. 


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